Curriculum Vitae


Assoc.Prof. Mag. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Michael Sonntag

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1979 - 1983 4 years primary school (Übungsvolksschule der PÄDAK der Diözese Linz)

1983 - 1987 4 years secondary school (Übungshauptschule der PÄDAK der Diözese Linz)

1987 - 1992 5 years upper secondary school, vocational track electronics/communications engineering (passed with distinction) (HTBLA Leonding Elektronik/Nachrichtentechnik; passed with distinction)

Military service

1.7.1992 - 28.2.1993: 8 months (full regular term); dismissed as lance corporal (Gefreiter)

Academic studies

25.2.1993 - 15.4.1997, 9 semesters computer science (Shortening of prescribed time of study by one semester approved, passed with distinction, title of the thesis: Telearbeit) Title: Dipl.-Ing. (approx. equivalent: MSc)

1.10.1997 - 25.2.2002, Doctoral studies in computer science (Title of the dissertation: POND - An agent system with focus on security and payment for services with consideration of legal aspects) Title: Dr. techn.

25.2.1993 - 11.2.2002, Jurisprudence (First part finished: 10.6.1997; Second part finished: 31.1.2002) Title: Mag. iur. (approx. equivalent: Bachelor of law)

27.11.2006 - 26.6.2007: Habilitation proceedings. Grant of the "venia docendi" for the area "Applied Computer Science" on 23.7.2007. Title: Priv.-Doz.

Commercial experience

11.7.1988 - 10.8.1988 Summer practice in the training workshop of ESG

9.7.1990 - 3.8.1990 Summer practice in the technical department of Sprecher Energie

1.8.1991 - 31.8.1991 Summer job in the technical service of IBM Austria

July 1996 till November 1996: Setup of the company IT network und programming of a business-database (MS Access) for MSV-Versand (mail-order company)

Since December 1996: IT-Manager and administrator of MSV-Versand (now MSV Handels- & Dienstleistungs GmbH, a call center for multiple german mail order companies) and related companies (So&Ko Marketingagentur, Telemest - Ucrainian daugther-call center, MSV-Callcenter SRL - Czech daughter-call center) in a mixed Windows/Linux (both server and client) environment

  • Network management, Internet access, Server & Workstation service
  • Security (Firewall, Backups, UPS)
  • Web pages with own hosting (Typo3)
  • Various call center applications (MS Access)
  • File-/Mail-/Mailing lists-/Fax-/Webserver (+DNS, DHCP, etc.)
  • National and international dialup and leased lines to partner companies
  • VPN connection over IPSec to Ucrainian sub call center and for mobile workers for Voice over IP telephony to local PBX
  • Programming, adaptation and maintenance of a web-based call center portal (PHP+MySQL) for various in- and outbound campaigns and other tasks

1998-1999: Author of various web sites for several small companies

2000: Creation of a dynamic website for self-configuration of PCs by customers for a computer reseller

2006: Private expertise on the source/author of a libelous E-Mail for a local car retailer

2008: Entry into the list of sworn and certified court experts for computer science (Allgemein beeideter und gerichtlich zertifizierter Sachverständiger für die Fachgebiete 68.10, 68.11, 68.50, 68.60, 68.65 und 68.75)

2009: Court expertise on a website (what constitutes "delivery", adequateness of price)

2009: Private expertise on the security of a software used in all of Austria in an environment which is per definition insecure

2010: Court expertise on when a file was removed from a webserver (+ Google cache)

2011: Private expertise on the IT security in a medical practice.

2011: Education&certification as company fire protection officer (Brandschutzbeauftragter)

2012: Two court expertises on a PC (Defective/Working)

2012: Private expertises on communication of parking lot management systems with central services, whether a laptop had been compromised, an E-Mail server regarding the (non-)receipt of an E-Mail, security evaluation of a website (restricted penetration tesing)

2012: Private expertise to evaluate a court expertise whether a web server was a dedicated or a shared one

Academic experience

1.10.1997 - 30.9.1999 Research assistant at the Research Institute for Microprocessor Applications (FIM) (half-days)

Since 1998: Marketing, distribution and development of the software tool "CodedDrag", developed and sold (solely over the Internet) by the FIM

Associate coordinator of the FIM at the APPLAUD project (EU SOCRATES program / ODL project: 25097-CP-1-96-1-FI-ODL); Representation of the institute and presentation of the project progress at the meetings in Ireland and Iceland

1.10.1999 - 28.2.2002 Externally funded researcher at the Research Institute for Microprocessor Applications (FIM) (half-days) for the project POND on Intelligent Agents (funded by the Anniversary Fund of the Austrian National Bank, Project Nr. 7742; and the country of Upper Austria, Grant No. Wi/Ge 201.515/1-2000/Wwin)

1.3.2002 - 30.9.2010 Assistant at the Institute for Information Processing and Microprocessor Technology (FIM) (formerly named: Research Institute for Microprocessor Applications)

Since 1.10.2010 Associate Professor at the Institute for Information Processing and Microprocessor Technology (FIM)

Since 2002: Member of the program committee and session organizer/keynote speaker of IDIMT - Interdisciplinary Information Management Talks

  • 2002 (Session A: E-Commerce and E-Government - Experiences and Projects)
  • 2003 (Session A: E-Business, E-Government and Information Society)
  • 2004 (Session A: E-Society - Perspectives and Risks for European Integration)
  • 2005 (Session A: European Integration: Viribus Unitis)
  • 2006 (Session A: IS/ICT Security in the Newly Forming Society)
  • 2007 (Session A: IS/ICT Security and Privacy)
  • 2008 (Session A: Privacy vs. Security - A clash of systems?)
  • 2009 (Session H: The Magic of Open Everything: Open Source, Open Communities, Open Access?)
  • 2014 (Session I: Cloud computing: Risks and Chances)

Since 2008: Member of the scientific committee of IRIS (Internationales Rechtsinformatik Symposion - International symposion on legal informatics); 2011: Memeber of Committee for the first Best Paper Award

2003-2005: Application author and project worker on the project "Integrating Agents into Teleteaching Webportals" (Funded by the FWF, Project number P15947-N04)

2004-2005: Co-author of application and project worker on the project "Public WeLearn" (Funded by the University Linz)

Since 2005 Inventors assistant of the university for computer science/Computer science in economy/Mathematics/Statistics: Extending the patenting and licensing activities at the Johannes Kepler University in the scope of the federally funded programs uni:invent I and II; since 2010 funded by the university

2007: Evaluator for the project applications of the year 2007 for the EU commission in Luxemburg in the program "eContentPlus"

2008: Evaluator for the project applications of the year 2008 for the EU commission in Luxemburg in the program "eContentPlus"

2009-11: Evaluator for project reports for the EU commission in Luxemburg in the program "eContentPlus"

2012: Evaluator for the project applications of the year 2012 for the EU commission in Luxemburg in the program "eContentPlus"

2007-2009: Application co-author and project worker in the project "Adaptive Learning Spaces - ALS" (Funded by the EU, Grant Agreement Number 229714-CP-1-2006-1-MINERVA-M)

2008-2009: Application co-author and project leader of the project "Adaptive Support for Collaborative E-Learning - ASCOLLA" ("Adaptive Unterstützung für Kollaboratives E-Learning - ASCOLLA" (Funded by the FWF, Project Nr. P20260-N15)

2010: Invited by the European commission to the ERAB (European Research Area Board) conference in Sevilla as a young researcher and selected for a discussion with the commissioner. Also invited to the launch of the 2nd ERAB report in Brussels and for further meetings in this context.

2012: Invited by the European commission to the Euraxess working group "Voice of Researchers".

Reviewer/Program Committee Member for the following journals respectively conferences: Network and Computer Applications; Computer Standards und Interfaces; KMGov 2003 (Knowledge Management in Electronic Government); ECEL 2005 - ECEL 2013; i-Society 2006; InSITE 2006 - InSITE 2008; Journal of Information, Information Technology, and Organizations; CSEDU 2009-2013, ASTC Workshop 2011, TALE2012

Since 2014 permanent subeditor (Ständiger Redakteur) of the legal journal "JusIT" (Lexis-Nexis, ISSN 1996-8228)

Organizer of the first "Patent-Day" at the university Linz (20.10.2005, 8-17 o'clock) on patents: Employee inventions and possibilities for commercialization; with 12 speakers and approx. 120 participants.

Organizer of the Roundtable "E-Learning im Recht - Mehr als bloß Texte?" (E-Learning in Law - More than just texts?) on 12.10.2009 of the Vienna Center for Legal Informatics (Wiener Zentrums für Rechtsinformatik - WZRI)

Organizer of the event "Vorratsdatenspeicherung" (Data retention) on 29.10.2010 at the University Linz

Organizer of the half-say seminary "Spuren im Internet" (Traces on the Internet) on 13.12.2011 at the Energie AG (OCG/ÖGI/JKU)

Organizer of the full-day seminary "Zukunft der IT-Sicherheit" (Future of IT Security) on 23.11.2012 at the Energie AG (OCG/ÖGI/JKU)

Organizer of the full-day seminary "Sicherheit und Recht in der Cloud" (Security and Law in the Cloud) on 26.11.2013 at the Energie AG (OCG/ÖGI/JKU)

Organizer of the event "Update 'Vorratsdatenspeicherung'" (Update 'Data Retention') on 11.2.2014 at the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce (Wirtschaftskammer OÖ)

Organizer of multiple TEC Security Workshops ("Was Sie unbedingt über Internet Security wissen sollten"): Practical university experience for highschool students.

2009-2012 member of the faculty council (Fakultätsversammlung)

10/2012-8/2014 interim head of department of Institute for Information Processing and Microprocessor Technology (FIM)


4th Youth Programming Contest of the Austrian Computer Society 1985/86: 11. place with "Christmas program"

SS 1994 and WS 1994/95 Achievement price of the University of Linz

SS 1995 and WS 1995/96 Achievement price of the University of Linz

9.12.1997 Recognition price of the minister of science, traffic, and arts for outstanding performance during study



German (Mother tongue), English (Perfect both orally and writing)


Assembler (8086, 8051), Basic (var. versions), Pascal, Modula 2, C, C++, Java, PHP, C#

Invited talks

25) Michael Sonntag: Operating a Tor exit node; Securing evidence. 3in Capathin Basin Conference, Martovasar on 11.7.2018

24) Michael Sonntag: Der Betrieb eines Tor-Exit-Nodes in Österreich. Presentation at the PrivacyWeek 2017 of the C3W (Chaos Computer Club Vienna) on 26.10.2017

23) Michael Sonntag: Tor - Rein oder Raus? Presentation at the 9th "Netzpolitischer Abend" (Evening of Network Politics) on 6.10.2016 (Stream)

22) Michael Sonntag: e-Identity: Was bringt die e-Identity Verordnung im Unternehmen? Presentation at the "Thementag : Datensicherheit im Unternehmen" at the Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, 26.6.2015

21) Michael Sonntag: Nature of Digital Goods. Presentation on 12.11.2014 at the Digital.2014 in Vienna, organized by the OCG

20) Michael Sonntag: Schutzrechte und Patente für Software-Ingenieure. Full day seminary on 19.10.2011 for teachers, organized by the Landesschulrat OÖ.

19) Michael Sonntag: <media 364 - - "TEXT, Rechtsinformatik-Trends Rechtsinformatik-Trends, Rechtsinformatik-Trends.pdf, 85 KB">Rechtliche Aspekte neuer technischer Entwicklungen</media>
(Legal aspects of new technical developments) on 5.9.2011 at the summer academy 2011 of Pro Scientia

18) Michael Sonntag: Open Source Software. 14.6.2011, Linz Center of Mechatronics

17) Michael Sonntag: Schüler-Websites und Urheberrecht, Presentation at the meeting of directors on 26.1.2011, organized by the Pedagogical University Upper Austria

16) Michael Sonntag: <media 357 - - "TEXT, Rechtsinformatik-Trends Rechtsinformatik-Trends, Rechtsinformatik-Trends.pdf, 85 KB">Rechtsinformatik-Trends</media>
(Trends of legal computer science) Roundtable "Rechtsinformatik-Trends im Spiegel von JURIX 2010 in Liverpool" on 10.1.2011 of the Vienna Center for Legal Informatics (Wiener Zentrums für Rechtsinformatik - WZRI)

15) Michael Sonntag: <media 356 - - "TEXT, Open Source and Creative Commons Open Source and Creative Commons, Open_Source_and_Creative_Commons.pdf, 348 KB">Open Source and Creative Commons</media>
Presentation on 10.11.2010 at the University for Art and Industrial Deisgn (Universität für künstlerische und industrielle Gestaltung) in Linz

14) Michael Sonntag: <media 353 - - "TEXT, Rationalisierung des Rechts durch Informatik, Rationalisierung_des_Rechts_durch_Informatik.pdf, 82 KB">Rationalisierung des Rechts durch Informatik?</media> (Rationalization of law through computer science?) Roundtable "Rationalisierung des Rechts" on 14.6.2010 of the Vienna Center for Legal Informatics (Wiener Zentrums für Rechtsinformatik - WZRI)

13) Michael Sonntag: <media 345 - download "TEXT, Technische Grenzen der rechtlichen Modellierung, Technische_Grenzen_der_rechtlichen_Modellierung.pdf, 68 KB">Technische Grenzen der rechtlichen Modellierung</media>. (Technical limits of legal modelling) Roundtable "Strukturierung im Recht" on 9.2.2009 of the Vienna Center for Legal Informatics (Wiener Zentrums für Rechtsinformatik - WZRI)

12) Michael Sonntag: <media 335 - download "TEXT, Betrieblicher Datenschutz, Betrieblicher_Datenschutz.pdf, 280 KB">Betrieblicher Datenschutz - Was heißt das für mein Unternehmen?</media> (Privacy in companies - What are the implications for my company?) Seminar organized by the Kepler Society. 4.12.2008

11) Michael Sonntag: <media 334 - download "TEXT, Kollaboratives E-Learning - Rueckblick und Ausblick, Kollaboratives_E-Learning_-_Rueckblick_und_Ausblick.pdf, 352 KB">Kollaboratives E-Learning - Rückblick und Ausblick</media> (Collaborative E-Learning - Review and outlook). Presentation at the eLearning Day '08 at the FH Joanneum in Graz on 23.9.2008

10) Michael Sonntag: <media 336 - download "TEXT, Rechtliche Fallstricke bei Web-Sites und E-Mail Werbung, Rechtliche_Fallstricke_bei_Web-Sites_und_E-Mail_Werbung.pdf, 231 KB">Rechtliche Fallstricke bei Web-Sites und E-Mail Werbung</media> (Legal caveats for web sites and E-Mail advertisements). Seminar organized by the Kepler Society. 10.4.2008

9) Michael Sonntag: H<media 337 - download "TEXT, How to get your proposal rejected, How_to_get_your_proposal_rejected.pdf, 157 KB">ow to get your proposal rejected - Hinweise für Antragsteller im eContentPlus Programm der EU</media> (Hints for proposers in the EU eContentPlus program). Presentation at the eContentPlus information event organized by the FFG on 11.3.2008

8) Michael Sonntag: <media 341 - download "TEXT, User Profile, User_Profile.pdf, 55 KB">User Profile</media>. (User profiles). Keynote of the roundtable "User Profile" at the EU information day on 17.1.2008 organized by the federal chancellory

7) Michael Sonntag: <media 338 - download "TEXT, Juristische Experten-Communities, Juristische_Experten-Communities.pdf, 52 KB">Juristische Experten-Communities - Eine Methode zum kontinuierlichen selbstorganisierten berufsbegleitenden Lernen</media>. (Legal expert communities - A method for continuous self-organized vocational learning). roundtable "Juristische Experten-Communities" at the EU information day on 19.9.2007 organized by the federal chancellory

6) Michael Sonntag: <media 339 - download "TEXT, Management informellen Wissens, Management_informellen_Wissens.pdf, 175 KB">Management impliziten/informellen Wissens</media>. (Management of implicit/informal knowledge) Roundtable "Wissensmanagement für Juristen" on 2.11.2006 of the Vienna Center for Legal Informatics (Wiener Zentrums für Rechtsinformatik - WZRI)

5) Michael Sonntag: <media 340 - download "TEXT, Metadaten-Notwendig aber gefaehrlich, Metadaten-Notwendig_aber_gefaehrlich.pdf, 49 KB">Metadaten – Notwendig aber gefährlich?</media> (Metadata - Necessary but dangerous?) Roundtable "E-Learning" at the EU Information day on 21.9.2005 organized by the federal chancellory

4) Michael Sonntag: <media 344 - download "TEXT, There and back again, There_and_back_again.pdf, 494 KB">There and back again: A HT/X-ML story</media> (XML, DTD, namespaces, schemata, XSL). Lecture within the program of universitary character (Lehrgang universitären Characters) IT Network Management at the FH Vorarlberg (Winter term 2002/2003)

3) Michael Sonntag: Rechtliche und Technische Aspekte des WeLearn-Systems. eLearning und eTeaching (Legal and technical aspects of the WeLearn system. eLearning and eTeaching). Lehrer-Fortbildungsveranstaltung des Pädagogischen Institutes. 14-15.11.2002, BRG Schloß Wagrein (German)

2) Michael Sonntag: <media 343 - download "TEXT, Privacy Issues of E-Government Extended , Privacy_Issues_of_E-Government__Extended_.pdf, 312 KB">Privacy (and other) issues of E-Government in one-stop portals</media>. Wroclaw Summer School on a Legal Framework for Information Society Informatics. 19-21.9.2002, University Wroclaw.

1) Michael Sonntag: <media 342 - download "TEXT, Das Oesterreichische Signaturgesetz, Das_Oesterreichische_Signaturgesetz.pdf, 285 KB">Das Österreichische Signaturgesetz</media> (The Austrian Signature Law). Rotary Club Linz-Urfahr. 21.8.2000, Linz.

Foreign stays

Spain: 2010 Invited participant of the ERAB conference (European Research Area Board; selected for discussion with commissioner)
Czech Republic: 2008, 2010-2014 Guest professor at the Vysoká Škola
Slovakia: 2014 Guest lecture at the Technical University Košice
Ekonomická v Praze (University of Economics Prague)
Hungary: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008-2013, 2015 Guest lecture at the Eotvos Lorand University Budapest (ELTE)
England: 2003 Guest lecture at the University of Reading
Poland: 2002 Lecture at University Wroclaw during a summer school
USA: 1998 Two-week study trip organized by the faculty of legal studies of the university Linz: "World power and world organization: United Nations and Administration of the USA"

Membership in professional societies

Austrian Computer Society (OCG)
Austrian Society for Informatics (ÖGI)
German Computer Society (GI) - Mitglied des Leitungsgremiums der Fachgruppe "Rechtsfragen der e-Wirtschaft und des Internets" (Since 2010)
Wiener Zentrum für Rechtsinformatik (WZRI) - Honorary member (Since 2009)
Österreichischer Juristenverband (JV)

Thesis supervision


  • Reinhard Kinne: Legal protection of software. 2007
  • Najmus Saqib Malik: Security in Mobile Agents based Distributed Automation System

Diploma thesis

  • Heidi Hudak: Introduction of E-Commerce to SMEs. Methods, concepts and risks. 2001
  • Bernhard Schoberberger: Identification and classification of undesired messages and specification of countermeasures. 2001
  • Bernhard Mähr: SpamCat: A modular Spam-Filter. 2004
  • Thomas Göbl: eLearning support through WebDAV. 2004
  • Günther Humer: Planung und Durchführung von Leistungstests für die Notifikationskomponente des WeLearn-Systems (FH Hagenberg)
  • Doris Stangl: Die EU-Richtlinie über den rechtlichen Schutz von zugangskontrollierten Diensten und von Zugangskontrolldiensten (FH Joanneum - MIG). 2008
  • Klaus Maier: Europäische Softwarepatente - Rechtliche und wirtschaftliche Auswirkungen der Richtlinie über die Patentierbarkeit computerimplementierter Erfindungen und ihrer Ablehnung (FH Joanneum - MIG). 2008

Master thesis

  • Güther Gsenger: SMS Library. 2004
  • Wolfgang Schlapschy: e-Billing - Development and Introduction in practice. 2008
  • Michael Prinz: Elektronische Webumfrage-Software. 2009

Bachelor thesis

  • Bernhard Prügl: QTI Editor. 2005
  • Michaela Pilstl: Privacy issues of personalized marketing - An international comparison (FH Joanneum - MIG). 2009

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