D&D Monster Database


A database for D&D 3ed Monsters

This is a database for storing monsters according to D&D (3rd edition). Includes almost all attributes used for describing them and calculates a lot of them. Also allows applying templates for skeletons and zombies as well as creating fiendish and celestial creatures.


  • Stores complete monster statistics
  • Includes templates: Skeleton, Zombie, Celestial and Fiendish creature
  • Calculates attack and damage boni
  • Use any special attack or quality you like (may include one numeric parameter)
  • Automatically assigns special qualities of creature type
  • Allows including new Feats, Skills, weapons and natural attacks
  • Comes with a document for printing a book of all creatures through mail-merge
  • Define multiple attack sets for each creature (e. g. one for melee, one for ranged attacks, and one without weapons) with multiple weapons/natural attacks each
  • ...


  • Additional Feat "Superior Multi-Weapon Fighting": E. g. Xill and Marilith can attack with all arms at the full attack bonus. Their other feats would not allow this (-2 to all attacks). The description (and the stats) however tell that they can use their full attack bonus for all arms, regardless how many weapons they use. Adding this feat results in the correct attack boni.
  • Prerequisites for Feats are not checked: You can assign a creature any Feat, regardless whether its ability scores, feats, or other prerequisites meet the requirements of the Feat.
  • Double weapons are treated as single weapons. Their second head is ignored.
  • Organization, Treasure, and Advancement are not included.
  • The word document will truncate all texts after about 250 characters. This is a problem especially for SA and SQ. According to Microsoft this should work correctly if using Office 2000 and specifying DDE-Exchange (Cannot verify).



This is a MS Access 97 SR2 database. It contains only the Solar, Marlith, Wolf and Dire Rat as examples.


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