Security and Privacy

Michael Sonntag

Aim of the course "Security and Privacy" is to give an introduction to current problems of these two areas, and how they can be solved through technological means, e.g. incident response techniques. The technological, legal, and society limitations of these approaches are discussed as well. Students will be introduced to the foundations of these topics through lectures. Based on these, current research and developments are presented and explained. Some aspects of each topic will be covered through practical work in a lab as well. The course encompasses for example introductions to cryptography and website security, the EU privacy framework, the European Convention on Cybercrime, computer forensics (file system investigation, Web activity/E-Mail reconstruction), data retention and online searches.

Security, privacy, Computer forensics, legal basics


Contact details of the lecturer:

Priv.-Doz. Mag. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Michael Sonntag
Institute for Information Processing and Microprocessor Technology (FIM)
Altenbergerstr. 69
A-4040 Linz
Telephone: +43(732)2468-9330
Fax: +43(732)2468-8599